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Basque vineyard BC is a stunning 12.23 acre property located on the beautiful sloping hillsides of the Basque region part of the South Caribou overlooking the majestic Thompson river.


With its southern exposure, sunny arid climate and down gently slopping hills makes it a more fertile environment for Grape cultivation than the wine country in Spain and France. The potential of this area is limitless.


Located south of Ashcroft, a 20 minute drive from the downtown area, this once thriving vineyard produced Grapes used by summer lands: Sumac Ridge Estate winery in 1982.  With well-draining sandy loam soil and south facing wind swept slopes and a newly installed water system for irrigation plus a distribution center that has a purification system for drinking and domestic consumption, these are the perfect accompaniments to establish a successful vineyard.


The water pump connects to the water distribution center then up all the way to the highest point of the slope which is prepared to supply gravity fed irrigation to the whole property (all this was done without disturbing the top soil).


In addition to the magnificent landscape and Thompson river views there is a 1200 square foot 2 bedroom 1 bath rancher, that boasts Italian ceramic tile flooring, open floor plan, laundry room, sun room and Jacuzzi bathtub.  As well as a cozy fireplace to warm up to on those crisp autumn evenings where you can just sit and enjoy the views.


The potential to develop your own winery can be effortless, current owner has had numerous studies completed, from soil suitability, establishing a drip irrigation system as well as consulting with experts to determine which strains of Grapes would do the best with the properties conditions. All the information collected over the years will be handed to the new owner!


Even the ability to expand your vineyard is a possibility as the adjacent 31.01 acre property could also be negotiated for your needs. Basque Vineyard BC (the managing company of both properties) is also up for sale in case the buyer needs to acquire for immigration purposes.


Let your imagination run and create the winery of your dreams!

Basque Vineyard BC, Inc.



Basque Vineyard BC (the managing company of both properties) is also up for sale in case the buyer needs to acquire for immigration purposes


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